Enhancing the Work Environment

My comfort work has taken me into the process of institutional recognitions. For awards such as Magnet Status, a theoretical framework is recommended, makes the process more fun, and enables the whole institution to be on the same page. Therefore, I have put all my stuff together in a packet which can be used when applying for Magnet Status, for the AACN Beacon Award, or the JCAHO Gold Seal of Approval. So…..perhaps your hospital will consider using Comfort Theory as their umbrella for such an application process. I would, of course, LOVE to come down and give a workshop.

For example, I usually conduct three day workshops (including two formal presentations to staff nurses). The packet that I leave with the Magnet committee contains documentation forms (for patient comfort), a section on nurses’ comfort (which is another emphasis of Magnet), competency and post tests, clinical practice guidelines, etc. Also in NH, I met with the nursing practice council, all the specialty units, staff nurses, and the Magnet committee. They also sponsored a cocktail party in the evening for area nursing faculty…these are just a few suggestions for promoting Comfort Theory in your area. This is an exciting time for nursing theory….

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